Best Plugin for Increasing Your WordPress Site Speed

//Best Plugin for Increasing Your WordPress Site Speed

Best Plugin for Increasing Your WordPress Site Speed

Websites have only a short period of time to load if it wants to keep its visitors happy. We as humans have a very low tolerance for waiting for web page to load before we start getting irritated. That is why it is essential for a WordPress blog to load quickly as the load speed of a page can make or break a blog. In order to load a page faster, there are various plug ins that you can utilize in order to increase the speed at which your WordPress blog loads.

Plugins are designed to increase the load speed of the page, and there are a lot of different plug ins that can deal with high traffic web pages as well as low traffic pages. In this list, I will try to cover plug ins that differ slightly from each other with different perks that will make it easier for you to choose.

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1. Faster Rendering: WP Fastest Cache

This plug in offers a very easy process to get started and has a huge customer base. It is one of the best reviewed plug ins in the internet and is suitable for pages that generate a lot of traffic. Whenever a blog page attracts a lot of traffic, the CPU and RAM is utilized more often and so the page loading speed gets decreased due to the heavier load. The way WP Fastest Cache navigates around this problem is that it creates a static HTML file where multiple users can flock to. This saves the web page from rendering again and again for multiple users and it only has to load once due to the static HTML file. The only downside to this plug in is that if you want to enjoy all the features, you have to buy a premium version.

2. Caching: W3 Total Cache

As the first option will set you back a few bucks, I have come up with the next best alternative, a free plug in that has similar features but you don’t have to spend a pretty penny to enjoy its features. The plug in has gained legitimacy due to being trusted by accomplished websites such as Mashable. The key features of W3 Total Cache include:

  • A ten-fold increase in site performance
  • Better conversion rates
  • Better search engine rankings
  • Saves up to 4/5th of your bandwidth space

A blog that has to constantly deal with a high volume of traffic needs a great plug in like this. The only downside to W3 Total Cache is that it has a very cluttered design and it is not user-friendly at all! The features can be too hard to understand for the regular user and it is designed to be used by experts.

3. Reducing Image Size: WP Smush

When a blog uploads a load of images on its pages, it can put a lot of strain on the loading speed as images take up a lot of bandwidth. For problems such as these, WP Smush comes in handy as a WordPress plug in. The caveat of this plug in is that it compresses all the images on your site, thus rendering speeds are increased drastically. It retains the quality of the image even after compressing so that your sites quality is not compromised. The highlights of this plug in include support for all major image formats as well as other WordPress plug ins. If you want to optimize the images on your site, there is no better option other than the award-winning WP Smush plug in.

4. Decreasing Page load: BJ Lazy Load

Whenever a visitor comes to your page, all the content on your page is loaded automatically, including images and videos. For a large page, this could become a huge problem as all that rendering can decrease the load speed of the page. By utilizing the BJ Lazy Load plug in, this problem can be solved as this plug in prevents the automatic loading of the entire webpage. It slows the loading of the entire page by loading only the content that the user is interested in, i.e. where the user is browsing upon. The caveat of this plug in is that it is very subtle about this, so the visitor to your site won’t notice the difference.

5. Optimizing the Database: WP-Optimize

WordPress stores the data in an inefficient way. Whenever you store any content and change it multiple times, WordPress will save all the changed versions. This process slows down your page speed as multiple versions of your content is stored in the database and all of it loads at the same time. WP-Optimize solves this hurdle by clearing up your database of unwanted bloat and optimizing your database to make it smoother. Once you switch on this plug in, it will automatically clear all spam comments on your blog compact your MySQL database.

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