How to Duplicate a Page And Post in WordPress

//How to Duplicate a Page And Post in WordPress

How to Duplicate a Page And Post in WordPress

Running a WordPress blog is challenging work, and so there a few tips and tricks to streamline this process. One of the primary reasons of duplicating a WordPress blog post is that it enables the writer to make changes to the existing content without affecting the quality of the original version. Another reason for this practice is that it allows the clients to have a closer look at the existing content and make changes to it before making the content live. Duplicate content allows the content writer to enjoy a level of flexibility with his work that helps the article to gain better readability. This article aims to show you some quick ways to do WordPress copy pages with all the settings.

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One uncomplicated way to use duplicate content is to use plugins even if you can’t do it out of the box. One such plugin is called the Duplicate Page Plugin. Once you install this plugin a new feature will appear in your WordPress page called “Duplicate This”. Once you click this option, your post will be copied and stored for later use.

Another such plugin is called the Duplicate Post Plugin. This plugin works for both pages and posts. You will have the option to “clone” your posts with this new plugin. The cool thing about this is that it also allows you to clone multiple posts at the same time.

Now you know what plugins to utilize for duplicating content, but now you need to know exactly how to turn on the settings for duplicating content. So, at first, once you complete the installation process of the plugins, you need to visit the Settings page on your WordPress site. Once there, you need to locate the Duplicate Post plugin. Now moving on the next step, after locating the plugin on your settings page, you need to go through three pages to review and customize before you can start cloning your posts.

At first, click the ‘What to copy’ page and select all the options that you need to copy. For example, you can click the ‘Title’, ‘Content’, ‘Featured Image’ so that your plugin will only copy these elements from your blog post.

Then move to the ‘Permissions’ page and select which kinds of contributors can duplicate content on your WordPress site. After this, go to the ‘Display’ page and select the options which will set the visibility for your cloned posts.

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When you have a post or page you’re ready to copy, go to Posts or Pages to find it. If you need to clone only a single page, hover over your page and select:

  1. Clone in the event that you need to make a precise duplicate of the page or post. This implies if the page is as of now distributed, the duplicate you make will be published as well.
  2. New Draft in the event that you need to make a duplicate of the page or post yet set it to Draft so you can chip away at it without worrying about it going live before it’s prepared.

For mass page cloning, tap on the pages you need to copy. At that point tap on the drop-down section simply select the rundown of pages or posts that says, “Bulk Actions.” Drop it open and tap on Clone.

On the off chance that you’ve recently wrapped work on another page and need to make a draft copy of it without navigating back to your Posts or Pages, you can likewise Copy to another draft from underneath that page’s Publish settings.

The last feature of this plugin is that when you open a Preview of your page, take a look at the admin bar at the top of your screen. There you will find a ‘Copy to a new draft’ option which you can select.

With such plugins you can truly automate your WordPress blog making process and get a head start on curating high-quality content. Instead of wasting time trying to duplicate content otherwise, you can streamline your blog making process with these plugins. Duplicating content can increase your consistency in your site. You can also shorten your development time on your WordPress site. So, make the best use of your time and use this article to kick start your duplicate content process.

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