How to Index Your Website on Search Engine in 24 hours

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How to Index Your Website on Search Engine in 24 hours

In this fast-paced modern time, having a website has become an essential element for businesses to succeed. Having a website not only increases sales for a business, but it also increases the credibility of an organization thereby gaining legitimacy among the customers. But indexing a website on a search engine in 24 hours is no easy task, neither is it a mammoth one. By following certain rules and having a proper strategy can let you index your site on a search engine in less than 24 hours. Thus, if you pay close attention to what I am about to say next, you can indeed succeed in your endeavour.

The first step requires you to check whether your site is actually indexed on Google in the first place. As Google is the king of the search engines, its important you start from here. Visit and type the words “site:” on the Google search bar and replace “” with your actual domain name, (for example:, and then check to see whether the site is indexed or not.

If there are no results from your search request, you need to index your site on Google in order to show up on search requests.

Here in a screenshot of my query:

The search request shows 82000 results, meaning 82000 pages are indexed on Google search.

The term indexing basically means that search engines are keeping a record of web pages. Its important to keep all search engines in mind while indexing a website (Bing, Yahoo, Google etc). Search engines perform this task by sending bots to a webpage where the bot searches for “index” and “noindex” meta tags and based on its search results it adds pages with index tags in that search engine. This is the procedure that websites follow and allows you to control exactly what pages should come up in a search result for your site.

The example I just put forward is called on page SEO optimization. Meta descriptions and on-site SEO can also be used to index webpages. Another tactic is to use the text “robots.txt” in the meta tags for web pages. “Robots.txt” refers to a standard that is used by sites to communicate with web crawlers and other bots.

Make sure to keep your content ready and up to date in your site before indexing your site as you do not Google web crawlers to come up and search through an empty homepage. Your site should also have the basic on-site SEO works completed before you index it.

After completing the initial steps, you should then move on to create a sitemap. So, what is a sitemap? A sitemap is an XML document on your website’s server that basically lists each page on your website. It notifies search engines about how often you update your webpages. For example, if you have a WordPress site, you can add a Google XML Sitemaps plugin to your site and then Google will automatically update its servers whenever you add new webpages or add new content to your current pages. After that, you can submit your sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools to index your site faster.

Another thing you can do is to submit your website URL to the Google search engine. You can do this by signing on to your Google account and then going to the “Submit URL” option in Webmaster Tools.

A quick way to notify Google about your web page is to share your website links on to your social media profiles. As crawlers give priority to links, sharing website links in social networking sites can prove to be a fast way to get your site pages indexed.

These are the most efficient strategies to get your website indexed in little to no time. Always remember, quality content is guaranteed to get traffic. So, always focus on that.

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