Plan and Start a Blog in 7 days’ time

//Plan and Start a Blog in 7 days’ time

Plan and Start a Blog in 7 days’ time

Planning a blog can be done smoothly if you follow some tips and tricks when you start out. There are lots blogs scattered all over the internet but only a few of them find success as they follow the best industry practices. You too can start out your blog in less than 7 days! I will outline 5 steps in this piece which will help you get started on your blogging ambitions so pay close attention to what I am about to say right now.

Step 1: Select a Blogging Platform for your New Blog
WordPress is an industry leader when it comes to blogging. This platform offers newbies a very easy and user-friendly platform for bloggers to get started. WordPress is also free and highly customizable, thus attracting loads of people. But if you are serious about your blogging dreams then I recommend that you should buy the premium themes in WordPress as they are much more attractive and will prove to be a good investment for you. Stay away from other free blog sites such as BlogSpot and Tumblr as you will find it hard to gain legitimacy if you use those sites. They also offer very few customizing options and you will have no control over your blogs if you use them; they can take down your blog at any time! Doing things the right way will only cost you a few bucks but your chances of finding success will double!

Step 2: Select a Unique Domain Name for your Blog
This is a pivotal step in the blog making process. A domain name is the virtual address of your blog, for example-
Its important to come up with a unique name for your blog so that users can find you and relate to your blog, but even before that, you need to come up with a topic for your blog. The topic of your blog can make or break your site. Try blogging about a creative topic or something people find interesting, for example- write a course about a new skill or something you are good at.
Writing about something where you are skilled at will make your blog feel natural and will allow your users to learn something new from your blog. This will also help to attract new visitors to your site. Once you have a topic in mind and a good Domain name, the hardest part of setting up a blog is over! Now the next step is to get your blog online.

Step 3: Setup Web Hosting and WordPress
Web Hosting is the procedure by which you keep your blog online and store all the blog content such as videos, images, text. Without Web Hosting, no one will be able to access your blog. When choosing a web hosting company, try to avoid the bad ones and only go for trusted companies with millions of customers. Remember a good Web Hosting solution will make your blog accessible to everyone on the internet 24/7 regardless of geographic boundaries. I recommend HostGator Cloud or iPage for your Web Hosting solution as they offer very affordable plans with a free custom Domain Name. You can install WordPress on your Web Hosting server and get started on your blog right away!

Step 4: Customize your Blog to your Theme
Once you install WordPress, you are ready to customize your blog. There are thousands of free themes on the WordPress site, but I recommend buying a paid theme as they offer all of the features to you right away. You should select a theme that is SEO ready and responsive, so that your blog can be accessible on the mobile platform. After selecting your theme, customize it to your liking and focus on a design that is easy on the eye and simple to navigate upon.

Step 5: Getting started on your New Blog
This is the thing you were waiting for, the writing part! Go to your WordPress dashboard and get started with a title and then start writing the content. It might seem daunting at first, but remember, if you are creative and able to write high quality content, your visitors are bound to stay on your site. Focus on creating unique content that will be able to help your site visitors to learn something new from your blog. Once you are done writing, publish it on your WordPress Blog. Voila! You have your very own blog now.

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