Will Gutenberg Break Your WordPress Website ?

//Will Gutenberg Break Your WordPress Website ?

Will Gutenberg Break Your WordPress Website ?

Does Gutenberg Mean I Need to Relearn WordPress?

Gutenberg is creating shockwaves since it entered the sphere of the internet. Many are speculating that the advent of Gutenberg will break a lot of WordPress sites. But, before I answer that question, lets get an idea of what Gutenberg actually is and what are the future ramifications of WordPress because of Gutenberg.

Gutenberg is a new, sophisticated editing environment in WordPress that is brewing up to have massive consequences for everyone. It is essentially a new kind of WordPress wysiwyg editor that focuses to refine the blogging experience on WordPress. Gutenberg is the answer to the question of whether WordPress will remain the number 1 CMS in the future. It is part of a three-legged strategy that focuses to shift the paradigm of WordPress and introduce exciting updates that will make WordPress into a fully customizable iteration. Gutenberg WordPress is still in its beta phase and it will take some time before the final rollout of the editor. This tool will make the entire environment of WordPress much more cleaner and enable you to come up with content that will be much better than the previous iterations.

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Now that we all know a little bit more about Gutenberg WordPress, let’s get to the main part of this article. If you were wondering if Gutenberg WordPress will mean the end of your blogging site, a simple answer to that question is no! The advent of Gutenberg does not mean you will have to relearn WordPress all over again. This WordPress editor plugin will not render most of your knowledge as invalid.

These are the elements that will remain untouched with the Gutenberg WordPress:

WordPress Theme Customizer will continue to work unhindered by this new WordPress editor plugin.
Widgets and Sidebars are untouched.
Most plugins work just fine with it.
All of the standard tools for organizing your content are unchanged.
Site settings are also unchanged

As Gutenberg WordPress is still in its beta phase, it continues to improve and change from its existing form into a more updated WordPress editor plugin. But, due to the existence of a huge number of themes and plugins in WordPress, there is a possibility that some of these themes and plugins might not work with the new Gutenberg WordPress.

One truth to this matter is that this massive new change to the WordPress will impact the way we create, design, and think about WordPress. Our whole content building experience will change as WordPress looks to bring fresh and modern changes to its platform. This new WordPress wysiwyg editor will change the entire editing interface of WordPress.

The goal of the Gutenberg WordPress is to create a new post editing experience that makes it easy for the users to bring rich new content to life. According to WordPress, the kick off goal was described as the following: “The editor will endeavour to create a new page and post building experience that makes writing rich posts effortless and has ‘blocks’ to make easy what today might take short codes, custom HTML, or ‘mystery meat’ embed discovery.”

The Gutenberg editor will revolve around blocks, a unified way to style content with a clear, consistent user experience. These blocks can be anything: regular text, images, video embeds, buttons, tables, and more.

The expected release date of Gutenberg WordPress is on 2018 and it will be merged into WordPress 5.0.

As with all new things, this new development of a WordPress editor plugin has stirred up a lot of debate between the designers and content creator fraternity of WordPress. Some people are afraid of this new change while other content creators are ready to embrace this modern update.

Below, I have listed down how to get ready for this new change:

More unified way to combine various text and multimedia together and create more rich content.

WordPress was meant to be a simple blogging platform when it was released in 2003. But currently WordPress is a home to a diverse array of both multimedia and textual content that employs a lot of advanced design elements. The OG version of WordPress could not handle such sophisticated demands from its users, and thus the company had to adapt, and this gave birth to the Gutenberg WordPress editor plugin. Gutenberg WordPress will enable the users of the platform to handle rich content, with no plugins, custom fields, or HTML required. Each block of content—images, audio, video, embedded media—is a self-contained block. If you make changes to one block, it won’t affect other blocks.

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New alignment options for our modern device and screen sizes

WordPress was handicapped as in it did not let you have more alignment options than the customary 4 options. Gutenberg WordPress on the other hand will enable you to have new alignment options for large resolution screens, full-width templates, and responsive sites, making it easier to optimize content for today’s device and screen sizes. This will drastically improve the user experience of WordPress. It is also optimized for mobile so that will also work as an added bonus for the users of this WordPress editor plugin.

More refined design experience

The new block style approach of the Gutenberg WordPress where you create and edit content in a pair of blocks will enable you to experience a level of consistency that the previous versions of WordPress did not allow you. These blocks can remain constant from site to site and from theme to theme, without your having to relearn new themes or plugin hacks. This will create a new consistent standard in WordPress for all users to experience.

Risk of repetitive design and layouts

A problem that seems to appear with this block style approach of the Gutenberg WordPress is that it carries the risk of appearing as if every page is built from a block. For example, every page on your website will be created from the same set of block types. It may be hard for you to avoid the same blocky, repetitive look and feel right out of the box. The way this sophisticated WordPress editor plugin solves this problem is that it allows you to customize the blocks for your own unique needs, thus assisting you in diversifying your available options.

A good way to get started on your new WordPress journey is to experience the benefits of the Gutenberg WordPress immediately by downloading it as a plugin and sharing the feedback with the WordPress team after using it.

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